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Ganz peri-acetabular osteotomy has been developed by Professor Ganz in Switzerland, and was first described in 1988. The operation is performed in patients suffering from acetabular dysplasia and includes osteotomy of the pubic bone, ischial bone, and ilium. When the osteotomy is completed the acetabulum is rotated around the center of the femoral head, three-dimensionally, to increase the coverage of the femoral head laterally and anteriorally.

Exact re-orientation of the acetabulum is very important as under-correction or over-correction result in inferior outcome. One way to control the degree of correction is to perform x-rays of the pelvis, perioperatively. This, however, is time-consuming as the surgeon and the whole team has to wait for the development of the X-rays, and maybe has to perform several trials before the orientation of the acetabulum is acceptable.

The problem using fluoroscopy is that only one hip can be seen at the time which results in a high degree of error measuring the CE angle. Therefore most surgeons use conventional X-rays of the whole pelvis taken perioperatively.

Consequently, we developed a measuring device to be used under fluoroscopy:

1) CE – angle measurement device.
Acetabular index angle measurement device.
3) Drill guide

This measuring device – called “The Søballe Instrument”, after its inventor Prof. Kjeld Søballe, M.D., Ph.D. – is now commercially available to the surgical community – through this web-site.


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